Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Rise of Asian Americans

Pew Research Report: The Rise of Asian Americans

(Contributed by C. Allen Lynn)

According to the Pew Research Center, Asians are the fastest growing immigrant group in the United States. However, like the terms “Latino” or “Hispanic”, “Asian” does not describe a monolithic group. The Pew report does a fine job of parsing the issue, pointing out the various individual nationalities of the new immigrants and what they bring to the United States in terms of education and wealth.

Although North Carolina is well known for its large Latino population, has anyone seen any evidence of this rise in Asian immigration in North Carolina ESL classrooms? What kind of challenges do you think such a shift will present to ESL teachers accustomed to working mainly with Spanish speaking ELLs?

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  1. When I first began teaching ESL in North Carolina in the late 1980s, my students were split between those from Spanish-speaking countries (mostly Mexico) and kids from Vietname, Cambodia, and South Korea--with the majority being Hmong from Vietnam and Laos.